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The Best Laid Plans

  The plan for this past Sunday was to get to Purse State Park at about 10 am, about 2 hours after high tide, spend the first hour or so walking as far south as I could go, and then spend the day hunting for that perfect Otodus that I know is out there waiting for me.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get on the road until about 11 am, so the 1 1/2 hour drive one-way killed that plan.  I decided to head to Brownie Beach instead.

  I found pretty much what I expected- whole lot of people, not a whole lot of quality teeth.  There were at least twenty other people out there, and the beach was pretty much picked clean.  The largest tooth I found was a lower lateral Hemi, at 1 1/4 inches.  I also found my largest Carcharhinus tooth from the Bay, at 7/8 inches, a neat little symphyseal Carcharhinus tooth, and a nice juvenile Mako. 


Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added2/25/2008


Watch your step!
Watch your step!
Brass balls....
Brass balls....





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