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All Broken Up

  I headed to my favorite beach yesterday, getting there about 3 hours before low tide.  I was expecting a blowout tide, but the strong winds that had been forecast never showed up.  It looked as though I was going to be the first one to hunt the beach today, though. 

  In one sense, it was an awesome hunt.  I found two small Megs (plus about a third of another), 6 Makos including a tiny juvenile tooth, two dozen Hemis from all different mouth positions, and 6 Cowshark teeth including a 1 1/8 inch wide lateral and a lower symphyseal, plus there were tons of small teeth everywhere. In all, about fifteen teeth were found that measured over an inch. I had the beach to myself except for one other collector that I met when I was heading back in.

  Unfortunately, just about all of the larger teeth have some degree of damage.  The large Cowshark tooth has two broken tips, the symphyseal has most of the root missing, the larger Hemis are all beat up, none of the Makos is damage free, and the Megs are both missing significant chunks.  This beach is capable of producing teeth of amazing quality,  but those perfect teeth were well hidden today.

Location Calvert County, Maryland, USA

Date Added2/28/2008


A link to the past
A link to the past
i guess it was worth droping the cell phone over
i guess it was worth droping the cell phone over
Playing in the Dirt
Playing in the Dirt





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