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One little, two little, three little Angy's

Well let me start by saying I am sick of rain and mud. I thought it would be a fun time to come down to the low country for some fossil hunting. I spoke with a buddy of mine and he said he and his son would meet me at my place around 5:00 pm Friday afternoon. Well just like clock work he was on time. We had the idea to hunt a area in the chandler bridge formation, as soon as we arrived the rain came and it came hard. After a brief stay in the car the rain slacked up and off hunting we went. I was so happy to be hunting I forgot about all the rain the past week and I made it about 30 feet in and sunk up to both of my knees and I lost both of my flip-flops in the mud. Well when I thought it could not get any worse the sky opened up again now at this time I am soaking wet and covered in mud with no shoes. Well we pressed on and I was able to score One Angy that was 2 1/16Th inches and some small stuff but the Angy made it worth the rain and mud. My buddy also scored a Angy that measured in around two inches also. Well around now it was late in the evening and we went out two see how toothhoover had been doing since my last trip down and hang out. Well fast forward to Saturday a trip to the creek early Saturday morning { note to self rain all week creek is probably not to good to hunt due to high water level } The water was high real high well after two baskets sifting and standing in the fast current of the ditch I realized that this was not gonna work but on the second basket a Angy that must have just came out the layer was in the bottom of the sifter the Angy measured in at hair under two inches. As the day looked as it was over and I was gonna head back to Aiken Sc [ Home ] I figured I would check a area on the Edisto River as I was heading back home and just laying just under the water at the edge root only showing was a very nice 3 inch Angy upper tooth my favorite what a nice way to end a nice time hanging with friends on a wet and muddy weekend.
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added9/13/2008


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