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Raiding the local ditches

Still cleaning off my fossil table, this is the most recent of my finds. A few weeks back, we had a really good amount of rainfall, and after my recent reconnaisance, I knew where to go. I moved to the heart of fossil glory land land year, and now no less than 5 ditches are within walking distance. I made a beeline for the best one and I was rewarded with a few puny teeth in the first 5 minutes of hunting. The ditch is about 100 yards long but is stocked with gravel the entire length. I moved slowly and I picked up teeth almost every 5 seconds, literally. Mostly they were thrashed, but its fun to pick up so many teeth without much work. I ran into a group of teenagers, and I recognized shirt of the guy who was leading them all. I pointed at the guy's shirt and asked him and he didn't know what I was talking about. Then a few hours later, I figured it out and I had the wrong album cover. I felt like such a total tool of the establishment, trying to weeZiL my way into the metal youth subculture, and then I got my covers mixed up. So if you're reading this kid, your shirt was from Divine Intervention. My bad. I'm not a tool, I use them to recover the remains of long dead monsters from their ancient graves. Anyway, it was a good hunt that day. I'm waiting for the next good rainfall to get some more great teeth out of that ditch, but more importantly, to redeem my reputation!
Location Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA

Date Added2/14/2006

Mostly shark teeth, but worth mentioning are a fossil deer antler and a really big saw fish tine on the right side of the photo.

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