February 18, 2018  
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Green and Yellow Mill Run

My Lee Creek warm up was on Friday, I was going to meet up with DW and the gang at the cretaceous dump site but it would have taken about 6 hrs drive time round trip. So I decided to hit the other dump known as Green Mill Run.  I know we all make fun of gmr, but yet we keep going back for more. Lets face it , we would dig around in worse cespools if there were shark teeth in it. I  hunted down stream where the water was shallow, no booties required just an old pair of sneakers. The only thing that concerned me was the yellow scum on the side of the creek. Other than that I got a few nice teeth , no monster megs this trip.
Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added5/6/2007

An average day at the Mill

Terminal Fracture
Terminal Fracture
Does that smell like GMR?  Brown-capping in Hodgmans.
Does that smell like GMR? Brown-capping in Hodgmans.
Re-Check Those Rejects
Re-Check Those Rejects





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