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Family's in NJ - Its go time!

I’ve been big tooth challenged my entire fossil collecting career. I have found exactly two complete teeth that break the 2 inch mark: a sand tiger from NJ and a Mako from Aurora. And while I hope that one day I won’t be able to remember all the individual 2+ inch teeth I have, for now I’m relinquished to categorize my stunted collection by characteristics other than size. One of my pathetic categories has been overall massiveness of a tooth, partial or otherwise. The leader in that category has been a root lobe missing 2 3/4 inch chubutensis from NJ. Even partial it’s a great tooth for NJ, but when I moved to NC I had hoped that one day I would graduate from the tooth mass category. Well after one year it seems the tooth mass category has a new leader.

My wife took the kids up to NJ last week which opened up some much needed collecting time. I headed out to GMR hoping to pick up a nice great white, which anyone who has collected there knows, can be hard to do. I spent the day picking up the usuals including a couple of busted great whites, but nothing near complete. In the last half hour while dumping a shovel load of gravel into the screen, I caught a glimpse of a large tooth with a large bourlette. I knew it was over 3 inches but didn’t get a good enough look to know if it was complete. As I reached into the sand I immediately felt the sharp jagged edge where the root lobe used to be attached - so close!!

Location Green Mill Run, North Carolina, USA

Date Added6/28/2007

The new leader.

a run to the run.....
a run to the run.....
Pepsi Challenge
Pepsi Challenge
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