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Not a bad day in Mill 2/5/2007

 The news about Mill is bad the last weeks, sand ,mud and a lot of gravel and very few teeth. But it itched and I had a day off. I left early(0700 am) because of the traffic. I arrived at 08.30 and  the suction dredger engineer had already started. Early this time because normally he starts at 0900 am. There were already 4 other cars at the parking place. Their owners all members of the diehard collectors. All dressed up in their wetsuits and with sifts in different size and shapes. The weather was very nice. In this time of the year there is very seldom sun but to day it was 22 o C. I chose to use my stretchersift(photo). This sift gives one the opportunity of going deep in the mudstream and collecting much  in one time. The chance of finding teeth in that way increases . But also the chance off getting many gravel and stones. It is hard working and after  3 hours  finding hardly any teeth, like everyone else, I already felt sorry of not using my smaller sift on wheels. But from 12.00 am-13.30 pm things went better and more fossils came out. Sometimes 5 sharkteeth in my sift under very nice bleu ones. By now there about 10 collectors and each of us had to wait for HIS turn. Seldom we see any female collectors, howcome? At 03.00 pm I stopped, again because of avoiding traffic queues on my way back home. Todays catch was ; 90 sharkteeth, 2 nice sealbones, several rayscalespines, many skinplates Miothunis(tunerfish). Three very nice Escheri's a 7 cm Mako Hastalis and some delphin vertebra's. In short not a bad day at all.
Location Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Date Added5/12/2007

three very nice Escheri's
7 cm Mako Hastalis
todays catch

Mill has started 20-10-2007
Mill has started 20-10-2007
back from Schotland 4 july 2007
back from Schotland 4 july 2007
In the mudstream 26/10/07
In the mudstream 26/10/07





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