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In the mudstream 26/10/07

 Friday I had a day off. Toon and I left for Mill at 07.00 am and arrived at 09.00 am. We expected Mill too be busey again because of the autumnhollidays. There were not many other guys. Some i knew but there were also a few unknown new hunters. At 09.00 am the machine started to vomit a lot of mud and during the day sharkteeth came along. Because I workes with my stretcher and since that is very hard working(dragging ) we stopped at 02.00 pm. the weather was fine and we did some nice findings. We had around 130 sharkteeth amongst them a 100 nice one's. Most hastalis but also some Escheri and Vorax. Three nice complete birdbones,periotica (2) and a complete bulla, many delphin vertebra's .
Location Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Date Added10/28/2007

That's me
the mudstream
special findings
the sharkteeth

You don’t always have to get there early….
You don’t always have to get there early….
what a start for 2008
what a start for 2008
Mill has started 20-10-2007
Mill has started 20-10-2007





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