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back from Schotland 4 july 2007

 Yesterday we returned from our summerholliday in Schotland. We did our travelling by trailertent and Margareth and I who celebrated our 30 marriageanniversary on this trip liked every minute of our staying in that fantastic country. The scenery, waterfalls, coastlines with white beaches and bleu water, seals, eagles, puffins,delphins and we even saw a small basking shark(4 mtrs). But I am also glad that an important part of my mission in Schotland worked out very good. By mail I have already several years contact with Matt from mr.woods fossilshop in Edingburgh. I also collect otherfossils than only shark/fishteeth such as ammonites etc. Matt was very interested in fossilfoothprints of Winterswijk of the Rhynchosauroides Peabodyi, 235 mill.years. I managed to bring him some prints over and swapped them with some teeth from Mill for 3 nice Megs. I was very happy about that deal and so was he. Maybe in a few years I will go back and who nows?
Location Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Date Added7/5/2007


Mill has started 20-10-2007
Mill has started 20-10-2007
don't want to miss the last Mill day
In the mudstream 26/10/07
In the mudstream 26/10/07





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