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Mill has started 20-10-2007

Last wednesday Mill started again. This was the moment we all were waiting for. Since half a year we had no alternatives for hunting so this would be it. Hans W. mailed that sifting saterday could be profitable because the day before he found during two hours work 40 teeth. Me and my two mates Frans and Ton intended to start early because we expected it to be very busy in Mill. Time of departure was set at 05.30 am .But Ton overslept and Frans has sprain his ankle by falling of the stairs. I went alone in the dark. What a sight arriving in Mill. The small lake,the fog hanging above the water, the bright night and sparkling stars. However it was chilly.  Just marvellous.No contenders yet.  I could pick the best place and it looked first a profitable one . In the first sift I found a nice tooth and the hard layers were just under the surface. There was also a lot of water under the pipe so it was hard labour but the sifting itself was nicer because everything washed clean. In teh meantime  more hunters arrived and soon we were ten of us. Most of them I knew well. It had more of an reunion. Stories were told and we all worked hard., I had a nice spot and found 95 teeth. Most of them Hastalis and 65 were of good quality. ! nice bleu Escheri, 3 bullas and some more fossil material. No big ones . The largest tooth was 5 cm. None of the others found many teeh or something spectaculair. I run out of energy at 02.00 pm and like most of the others we stopped and went home. I still were in a very good mood. Mill had started again and life was beautiful again also.

Location Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Date Added10/23/2007

under the pipe
the findings

In the mudstream 26/10/07
In the mudstream 26/10/07
what a start for 2008
what a start for 2008
back from Schotland 4 july 2007
back from Schotland 4 july 2007





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