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don't want to miss the last Mill day

It has been too long. It has been a sort of cold turkey for me.  Despite the bad news from Mill about the bad season and most of the time bad fossilteethfindings I would have liked to have visit Mill more frequent. But my work  didn't make that possible so the last 4 weeks  there was no opportunity. Also my daugther married and I added a son in law to my family. A nice guy who already earned my approval by joining on a fossiltrip and finding some nice teeth. But he did't that only once.  I arrived in Mill by 09.00 pm and thyere were only few others. during the day not many joined in. I would have expected otherwise because this was the last day before hollidayclosure. It will restart half september. The conditions were fine. A light drizzle, no wind, 22 degr.Celc. and the first hour there was fossilmaterial coming with the mud. After that it went worse and worse. Some vertebra's a 6 1/2 cm Hastalis and a very nice Escheri (small but razorsharp) The last 4 hours almost nothing was found by 6 sifters but the atmosphere was great, great chats, big stories. I stopped at 03.00 am and despite the few findings I had a great day because of my mates at Mill. I heard some news about the Egempit in Belgium but that is for after my hollidays. I will leave sunday for Scotland(Skye) for three weeks with Margareth(my wife) no kids and by trailertent. We will also try to hunt for some fossils over there.(mainly ammonites) So everyone take care of yourselves and family. Be carefull outthere.
Location Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Date Added6/16/2007


In the mudstream 26/10/07
In the mudstream 26/10/07
Mill has started 20-10-2007
Mill has started 20-10-2007
what a start for 2008
what a start for 2008





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