December 11, 2023  
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Hunting Bone Valley With The Southwest Florida Fossil Club   Hardee County, Florida, USA
This trip was the reason I went to Florida to hunt. We were hopeful that we would hunt in the active mining area, but instead we hunted the slurry pit. That's where all the junk ends up after it travels through miles of pipes. Pretty much everything comes out destroyed. Still, the 30 people who showed up to hunt looked carefully in case anything somehow made it through. In the fresh stuff at the bottom, I hardly found anything. It wasn't until I moved over to the old stuff that I started finding...
Hunting Bone Valley With The Southwest Florida Fossil Club   Hardee County, Florida, USA
I was lucky enough to be able to go collect in one of the phosphate mines of Florida. I would like to thank the Southwest Florida Fossil Club for letting us collect with them. Although we did not get to hunt in the actual mine, it was still fun collecting over the slurry pit. I just added the April 27th trip from the new pit in South Carolina be sure to check that one out....
The Texans invade Florida, by invitation of course   Hardee County, Florida, USA
As some others on this website have posted, we were blessed with some major generosity from Rivrdigr and we got to hunt down in Florida at the Peace River and at a mine. I don't have any photos of the Peace River stuff right now, but I have a couple of items from the mine to show. Hunting was tough in the mine since no rain had fallen there in a long time, but there were still some treasures to be found. I found a nice, albeit not perfect, little meg that shows a nice orangeish color with som...
Peace Be With You   Hardee County, Florida, USA
The first BRFC trip to collect in the Bone Valley of Florida was set up for this weekend. RivrDigr and the fossil hunting machine Chuck were are hosts. I headed to Summerville early Friday and picked up DW And T$, and after a nice road trip we arrived in our hotel with hopes of filling our fossil bags. Day 1 we met up with G-man and G-woman for a BRFC fossil bonanza. We launched a canoe and began to sift at a spot RivrDigr and Captain Chuck had found. This spot had deep gravel and the racking o...
A cool river trip   Hardee County, Florida, USA
In Florida the winter season is the dry season. It's the time of year when the rivers and creeks are at their lowest. Which means alot of good fossil hunting. Winter also means cold weather and this weekend was no exception. With the forecast calling for temps in the mid 30's I figured what better time to hop in the river and do some screening. So I gave my friend CC a call, he was up river earlier in the week and found a good gravel bar to work. It ended up not being as cold as we thought that...
Get it while you can!   Hardee County, Florida, USA
It's does seem like it's getting harder to get some free time to go out and get some hunting in. Trying to schedule between work and some of the stuff mother nature has been throwing at us hasn't been easy. Today was the first time in months my son and I have been able to get out to the river. I decided to do a little more exploring in some new areas instead of going to the same old spots. We did manage to score a few megs and some other goodies. Nothing to noteworthy but we did have a great tim...
Day One, The Phosphate Mine   Hardee County, Florida, USA
I got the opportunity to go on a 3 day field trip to some local mines and pits with Frank Garcia. Frank is a freelance paleontologist who is credited for discovering fossils at the Famous Leisey shell pit. Our first day took us to a phosphate mine in Hardee county. We were only able to hunt in the spoil piles and not permitted in the mining area. I ended up with a few nice colored teeth, the largest being 2-1/2", a dolphin vert, a piece of mastadon tooth and a couple three toed horse teeth....






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