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Virginia benedeni   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
this goes with the earlier trip report...
Rarest of the rare, and all there!   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
I went hunting by kayak this morning for indian artifacts on the James River. Not much luck but did stop at beach where i've found fossils before. Lo and behold i found a beautiful P. Benedeni. Pics don't do it justice. It has great root and blade, sharp tip, nice colors, and exactly 2.5 inches. What a trip maker! ...
accidental meg   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
I was actually looking for indian artifacts on this trip. Went to my favorite spot by kayak and pretty much got skunked except for a few pottery shards. When i tried to paddle back to my car the tide had fallen so far that I became stuck on a mud flat. Had to get out of the boat and wade through waist deep muck like quicksand. When I finally got to shore i stood catching my breath, looked down and found this beauty of a meg. It's nearly 4 and half inches, has all the bourlette, a sharp tip,...
Findings from 10/26....   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
Ok here is 10/26 findings.......
First hunt for me ....   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
I just went scouting an area in Prince George County Virginia , yesterday I went to try a few spots in the morning and found some that weren't too big but I did ok. So I decided that I would try early evening and took my son with me and together we got 40 from 1 spot again nothing big but some nice ones. Thanks Steve...
2nd Otodus from this site   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
Hit the beach in Prince George County yesterday.  Did not find too much until the end of the trip when i got a 1 and 15/16 Otodus.  A little tip damage but pretty nice.  The productive part of the beach is only about 100 yards long, and the variety of fossils you can find in that 100 yards is amazing; seal fossils, 5 inch honker megs, rics, O. obliquus, and pleistocene land mammals.  It has it all.  Also found yesterday were a nice mako, some good san...
doh! here's photos for trip report   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
Hope this gets the photos....
Two days, three trips, two sites, same river   Prince George County, Virginia, USA

This post is from trips last friday and saturday.  On friday morning i combined a meeting for work with a visit to my spot on the james river.  Conditions were pretty bad; a steady light rain and temperature of 33 degrees, typical feb. day in virginia and I was loving it.  Did not find much except the large ray dermal scute and a decent sea snake vert.  The ray scute is my biggest to date, 2 inch X 1.75 and .75 thick where it rises to a point in the m...

Teeth from yesterday and today   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
These are the keepers from the last two days.  Finally ended the meg drought with a 2.75 incher.  Check out that Striatoloma macrota.  It is the biggest I've ever seen or even heard of.  Truly gigantic at 2 and 10 sixteenths inches.  ...
Dang it, here's the photos!   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
I need more practice at this.  Too long between posts.  My luck's gonna change soon!...
Been skunked lately   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
I'm still getting out but not finding squat.  Last decent find was the P. benedini from lee creek, and that was in november.  I've been to my favorite beach in Prince George county several times, purse state park on the potomac, and a couple other spots....nothing!  The attached squalodon photo is a find from a couple years ago.  I wanted to include at least one interesting photo.  That tooth is massive, too bad one of the r...
First Otodus, with pics hopefully   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
Update from my 10/22 trip report. Both teeth are a shade over two inches.  The cusps on the jet black ric are awesome.  I can't think of anything the other teeth could be but otodus, It's in great shape, has sharp cusps, and cutting edges like a mako. Opinions on my ID most welcome!...
My first otodus (?)   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
Went with my kayak to the shore of river in Prince George County.  Didnot find much of anything, since we haven't had any rain to recharge the beach in so long.  I did find what i have to say is otodus obliquus, it is 2 inches long with large double cusps, looks just like a ric but has nice sharp cutting edge like a mako instead of serrations.  Pictured next to a killer 2inch ric a found on the previous trip.  check out those cups. if anyone has other ideas on...
7/14/07-Not too much, but nice day   Prince George County, Virginia, USA
This morning i went to one of my favorite (and closest to my home) river site, it was hot but i had the shoreline to myself save for a couple of bald eagles.  I picked up a lot of small teeth.  The fossil highlights were a very nice shark vert, half of a meg that would have been 5.5 inches, and a really nice whale ear bone.  The ear bone is in the nicest condition of any i have found so far....






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