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Fossil Pearl   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
I had saturday off of work, and I was at home bored with my son.  So we headed off to find some fossils, and mud.  I carried him out into the field, and sat him on the edge of one of the ditches there, and we started scaning for anything cool.  The presence of footprints made me know that most everything would be gone, but maybe not all.  After we scanned the first ditch, we moved to the second, and when I stood my son up in the ditch, I put him right on this ...
Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally)....   Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Thursday morning 3:45 a.m. The alarm clock went off and my 2 hour journey to the Charlotte airport began. My work brought me to the great state of Texas last week.  I flew into Houston early morning and was greeted with heavy fog (1 mile visibility).  By the time I got my rental car some of the fog burnt off and I was on my way to my first job.  After the quick inspection, I started my 2½ hour drive to my next project in Lufkin, home of the Chick-O-Stick ...

Old Quarry   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
This is an old post.  I had some extra time after work one night and made my mind up that I had to go to the quarry.  Last time I was there I found a huge ammonite, so I had to give it another try.  With a huge thunderstorm heading my way I headed into the pit.  All in all I did ok finding some nice urchins.  No big ammonites this time....
Mansfield TX Pit   Tarrant County, Texas, USA

The first place I have ever hunted for fossils is the Mansfield Pit.  I decided that it would be good idea to look one more time before it was gone. "Construction for a small shopping mall" .My only wish was to find one more good size tooth. I did'nt  find very many teeth, but I did find a vertebra or two. The earth movers had made some tracks in the mud. Right in the middle of the track was a vert barely sticking out of the mud. Th...

End of a good thing   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
Well, I went to check out one of my best places to find sharks teeth only to find out that the heavy machines had beat me there and have scraped everything.  As I pulled up and wandered out into the pit hoping to find at least something.  It took a while and a FINALLY found one.  After that it was all down hill.  Not much to show for and after a few finds I had to move on....
Ammonites   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
(Another old trip)  Again I had some time after work and I had seen a spot that was showing a bunch of duck creek form.  When I got into the small pit I wasnt expecting much, but it seemed there were ammonites everywhere.  The bad part was they were brittle.  Also the inner rings(center) were gone, or rotted out or something out of most.  I found probably over 20 and just about everyone was broken or missing the center.  It was kinda depressi...
Lake Worth   Tarrant County, Texas, USA

This was a few weeks ago when I found all this.  I stopped after work with a few hours of daylight left.  I was in search of ammonites and when your looking for something its hard to find.  The first place I checked.  I went back to the top of the hill to check some spots.  When I started down the first trail not 30 feet down was a huge Eopachydiscus ammonite.  Its about 18 inches across, but one side has some damage.  Still...

Duck Creek   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
About a week ago DW let me know there was a collector heading my way from the Netherlands and was intrested in trading and hunting my area.  After trading emails for a week and getting everything lined up we had a chance to hunt on his last day here.  I picked this old Concrete quarry that has a huge pit with 30/50 foot walls of falling limestone.  Usally there you can find ammonites, urchins, and all sorts of other great finds here.  After getting down inside...
finds from April showers trip   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
April showers   Tarrant County, Texas, USA
This area I hunted was pretty picked over until the rains came and washed out the gravel.  Also the local dirt bikers ripped up some of the pit allowing more gravel to show.  I went a day after my father and brother to this location, and had decent luck.  They found some nice teeth including a few nice ptychodus teeth, and a couple nice cretoxyrhina teeth.  My luck started by finding a nice 1/2 inch ptychodus anonymus tooth in someone elses foot print...






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