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You don’t always have to get there early….   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Finally, after hunting mainly for echinoids the last few months – and quite successful I might add –, the finds being made by others in Mill/Langenboom made us go there and try our luck once more.

All said and done, we were late to leave – something that seems to be i...

what a start for 2008   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands
A happy new year for you all. Since I had modified my stretchersift(putting under two wheels)  I had waited for the moment to try it out to see if it would work. Last wednesday(9 th jan) I made up my mind that was the moment, the Mill reports were all bas so far , but I could get a day off, and wanted to get out and feel the fresh air and maybe , maybe I would find something, It can''t stay bad forever I thought. So I started early, alone, dry weather, 5 degr Celcius. I arrived at 09.15...
In the mudstream 26/10/07   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands
 Friday I had a day off. Toon and I left for Mill at 07.00 am and arrived at 09.00 am. We expected Mill too be busey again because of the autumnhollidays. There were not many other guys. Some i knew but there were also a few unknown new hunters. At 09.00 am the machine started to vomit a lot of mud and during the day sharkteeth came along. Because I workes with my stretcher and since that is very hard working(dragging ) we stopped at 02.00 pm. the weather was fine and we did some nice f...
Mill has started 20-10-2007   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands

Last wednesday Mill started again. This was the moment we all were waiting for. Since half a year we had no alternatives for hunting so this would be it. Hans W. mailed that sifting saterday could be profitable because the day before he found during two hours work 40 teeth. Me and my two mates Frans and Ton intended to start early because we expected it to be very busy in Mill. Time of departure was set at 05.30 am .But Ton overslept and Frans has sprain his ankle by falling of the stai...

back from Schotland 4 july 2007   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands
 Yesterday we returned from our summerholliday in Schotland. We did our travelling by trailertent and Margareth and I who celebrated our 30 marriageanniversary on this trip liked every minute of our staying in that fantastic country. The scenery, waterfalls, coastlines with white beaches and bleu water, seals, eagles, puffins,delphins and we even saw a small basking shark(4 mtrs). But I am also glad that an important part of my mission in Schotland worked out ...
don't want to miss the last Mill day   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands
It has been too long. It has been a sort of cold turkey for me.  Despite the bad news from Mill about the bad season and most of the time bad fossilteethfindings I would have liked to have visit Mill more frequent. But my work  didn't make that possible so the last 4 weeks  there was no opportunity. Also my daugther married and I added a son in law to my family. A nice guy who already earned my approval by joining on a fossiltrip and finding some nice teeth. But he did...
Not a bad day in Mill 2/5/2007   Mill de Kuilen, The Netherlands
 The news about Mill is bad the last weeks, sand ,mud and a lot of gravel and very few teeth. But it itched and I had a day off. I left early(0700 am) because of the traffic. I arrived at 08.30 and  the suction dredger engineer had already started. Early this time because normally he starts at 0900 am. There were already 4 other cars at the parking place. Their owners all members of the diehard collectors. All dressed up in their wetsuits and with sifts in dif...






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