December 5, 2022  
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Into the Deep...   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
I'm sure glad Summer is here ! I decided I was going to take a break from surface collecting mainly due to the fact that a few irresponsible fossil hunters have decided to "dig" up trouble in Summerville and I keep coming across new vandalized areas. Anyway... I decided I was going to accompany a few buddies on an out of state diving trip. It was a loooong road trip...but the next day we anxiously hit the water. We knew this river had been hunted to death for many years, but we were go...
Been Busy Diving in the Ocean   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

If I'm not teaching during the academic year I'm usually working on a dive boat out of Morehead City/Atlantic Beach, NC.  This summer I had the added bonus of teaching summer school so my fossil diving was severely crimped (that just means there's more for me to find now).

Here are some finds I made before the second summer session started.

Finally back in the river again   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

A few of the BRF members decided to hit the river for
a tooth dive prior to the long hours of work we put in
for the Fossil Festival.  I was wise enough to start
my gear checkout a few days before I drove down and
that was a good thing.  My light was having issues
related to my last dive with BWD and a nasty little
flood in my battery housing.  I was able to salvage
one battery and repla...

Back to the river ("It's On Like Donkey Kong")   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA

I have not had a chance to dive my favorite river since last October and had no idea what happened to the fossil bed and my dive buddies needed to know the water temperature (you'd think a MI guy wouldn't really care as long as the water didn't have any ice...  I can understand the FL perspective a little more but it's not like he listened anyway; wanting to dive w/o a hood).

I made it to the river on Tuesday, did some...

Scubapaul Came to Town!   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
ScubaPaul was down for his PCS trip and decided he wanted to get some diving in while he was down. After coordinating with directions and meeting instructions we decided that Sunday was the day. It started off with a little rain and an overcast sky, but when we were finished diving the sun was out and it started to warm our chilled bodies. The river had cooled off considerably since I was there a month ago... brrrrrrrrr. After the 2nd hour of bottom time I had a hard time keeping the spot fr...
Scubapaul Came to Town!   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
I have met many really nice people over the last few years. People who are very generous to me with their knowledge, time, resources, friendship, or hunting skills. Blackwaterdiver is one of those people - plus he knows the value of dogs in his life :). He was kind enough to take me out diving to his private spot and let me cloud up the bottom while he hunted for the big ones. We decided to do an exploritory dive first. They are fun for potential, but this one turned out to be just that - ...
A Day of First and Second   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
The day started off with a leisurely departure time of 0800. We were all excited to have slept in a little before zooming off with boat in tow for a day on the river. Getting around the beltline proved to be the hardest part of the entire day. All 4 lanes of the inner loop were closed due to an accident so our day was extended by over an hour. We arrived at the first dive spot and jumped in at 12:04pm. The spot only produced one (large) mako blade. We switched to a spot farther downstream ...
Give me 30 more minutes...   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
After being out of town for an extended period I had the itch to go fossil diving. Made the necessary last minute call to a "fossil friend" and off we went. Hit one spot for a half hour with no luck and decided to move down stream a little bit. Dived for an hour and had some decent luck, found mostly worn auriculatus teeth in a traditional Yorktown bed. At the end of the dive I started to find better pockets of bed so I eased to the side and told my buddy we needed to give it anoth...
A day in the river beats... well, most anything!   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
Went back to the river yesterday. After the huge volume of water dumped my mother nature recently I had high hopes. I could only dredge 1 "fossil friend" who was able to dive so we headed off first thing Sunday morning. After stopping for the ritualistic Bojangles breakfast we made our first dive just before 10:30am. We worked several spots with little luck even though more bed had been exposed. Our last spot was one that held HUGE potential (namely a 5" heart shaped intermed...
North Carolina River Diving   Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
A good friend of mine from the beach wanted to take a customer of hers fossil diving to return a favor. They drove up from Beaufort and we hit the river. The first spot didn't pan out as no fossil bed was exposed. The second spot was much better. Dive 1 produced a 6" tooth (a little enamel peel on the lingual side) and a few smaller teeth. Unfortunately it was all beginners luck as I only found a whale tooth. Dive 2 was more successful for me (I wanted the other two to follow the foss...






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