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Oh Sandy Baby (pix)   Surry County, Virginia, USA
Oh Sandy Baby (pix)
Oh Sandy Baby   Surry County, Virginia, USA
I knew Sandy would provide a unique collecting day and so I took the day off to drive up to Surry dreaming of big finds. But this was a trip that left me amazed. How often is the movie better than the trailer? How often does any event live up to its billing? This trip gave me an embarrassment of riches from one of the best preserved modern great whites I've ever found to an equally stunning snag and after I was ready to quit and go home, on the very last stretch of the beach I was going to s...
It Happens   Surry County, Virginia, USA
So I've been hitting the same beach for about 5 years now and finding good stuff. Not quantity, but quality and variety. The first year I found the tip of a tooth that could only be from a large Meg - the geometry wouldn't work with any other species. But its still hard to believe there were really Megs to be found. I had to go back and look at that piece over and over to convince myself they were there somewhere. Then, after a big storm last year I found a juvie Meg. It was well worn and ...
Big Bones   Surry County, Virginia, USA
After the last couple of storms I've found some pretty significant chunks of bone on the beach. I'm beginning to think there is an entire whale skeleton that is slowly eroding out of the matrix somewhere close, but I haven't been able to find it. Very frustrating to keep getting these bits and pieces. They are all basically worn the same and have similar color. Its a bummer thinking that the skeleton may even be submerged in the river and I don't have the ability to get to it. I may have to...
Several months at Surry   Surry County, Virginia, USA
I've been collecting in Surry VA for the past several years, but this is my first post to Black River. My experience at the beach on the river bank south of Jamestown is that the fossils are not plentiful, but usually are of a good size, and it seems there is always something unusual in the mix. The photos attached have some of the things I've found in the past few months. The huge bone is the biggest specimen I've ever found and I believe it is a rib bone of a whale. The oddly shaped long t...
" THE FORGOTTEN HUNTER"   Surry County, Virginia, USA






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