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Black River Fossils - Fossil Hunting and all things Fossil Related

Black River Fossils - All About the Hunt

Welcome to Black River Fossils, a site all about collecting fossils, artifacts, and other interesting things. There are thousands of fossil pictures here, being steadily added on an almost weekly basis since 1998. You have found a place to spend a few hours at work looking at pictures that won't get you fired. If you like stories of digging up old teeth bones, take a look around.

We used to focus on shark teeth and other fossils in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, but now its so much more thanks to the efforts of other amateur fossil and artifact hunters. It has become an internet fossil journal for many collectors from different places with great details at times about the kinds of fossils that can be found around the United States and Europe. I have no doubt that the site will continue to thrive and grow. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed. You are inspiring people everywhere to dig to new depths!

Summerville South Carolina Fossil Hunting Status Update

A friend of the site contacted me with some information from the Director of Stormwater here in Summerville SC. The official stance is that fossil hunting with any kind of tool is prohibited in the streams, ditches, canals, etc in the town of Summerville. This includes everything from rakes to shovels, all the way down to hand trowels.


Latest Fossil Trip Reports
South Carolina Trip Reports
3/8/2014 Friends in Low Places by da fossz
10/21/2013 Another Dive Trip...in a pinch...absolute zero visibility ! by Greg
9/29/2013 Dog Days of September - River Style by da fossz
8/18/2013 edisto river fest by sharkdentist
6/22/2013 First Trip Hunting South Carolina by MakoMeCrazy
10/7/2012 An educational (geology/paleontology) trip report on a SC Pliocene land site by t$
10/2/2012 A Cool Change by da fossz
7/17/2012 A Quick Dip in the Tea by da fossz
6/1/2012 Collecting Fossils in the Creeks of Summerville by dw
4/27/2012 First dive this year...and the river gives up a rarity ! by Greg
North Carolina Trip Reports
10/19/2014 Home or High Water by xiphodan
10/16/2014 GMR Trip in July by xiphodan
8/3/2014 Havelock by xiphodan
7/28/2014 GMR on the 4th of July Weekend by xiphodan
1/1/2014 Holiday Hunting at GMR by xiphodan
6/16/2013 Aurora Fossil Festival 2013 by MakoMeCrazy
6/8/2012 Dear Diary....................................Jackpot!!! by xiphodan
12/13/2011 It took about 45,002,011 years and 8 months for this one to be found... by MikeDOTB
6/27/2011 17 Fathom Megs by Toofless
2/5/2011 1/2011 GMR trip, not exactly kid friendly. by zboosted
Maryland Trip Reports
12/2/2013 winter time is back. first trip in a long time. by tonyholt
1/8/2012 Not a Bad Start to the New Year!!!! by brsr0131
11/12/2011 things done changed by tonyholt
11/3/2011 burtha2 by tonyholt
10/31/2011 good start to the toothing season by tonyholt
10/25/2011 burtha by tonyholt
9/12/2011 yesterday made it look easy by tonyholt
7/25/2011 get in the zone by tonyholt
7/25/2011 february trip beautiful day by tonyholt
6/21/2011 Father's Day Trip by Fat Boy
Georgia Trip Reports
3/29/2010 Looking at Live Whale Sharks at the Atlanta Aquarium by dw
10/10/2006 Georgia on my mind. by paleobum
8/26/2000 First time diving in Georgia by dw
Florida Trip Reports
6/3/2013 Back in the water again! by aworkman
4/22/2012 It Will Rain by ninjaplease
2/27/2012 Surf n' Turf? by ninjaplease
5/25/2011 More Yackin’ than Rackin’ by da fossz
5/25/2011 Scuba Diving in Venice Florida - 2011 by dw
4/4/2011 Tooth time! finally! by Toofless
7/22/2010 Exiled to the fossil grounds! by Toofless
7/22/2010 Anniversary Diving by Toofless
7/7/2010 Bringing the BRFC Rivrdigr Fest to the Digr! by t$
7/6/2010 Mucho Mammoth by Toofless
The Netherlands Trip Reports
2/18/2008 You don’t always have to get there early…. by Synechodus
1/12/2008 what a start for 2008 by bullshark
10/28/2007 In the mudstream 26/10/07 by bullshark
10/23/2007 Mill has started 20-10-2007 by bullshark
7/5/2007 back from Schotland 4 july 2007 by bullshark
6/16/2007 don't want to miss the last Mill day by bullshark
5/12/2007 Not a bad day in Mill 2/5/2007 by bullshark
Texas Trip Reports
9/16/2012 Quarry Finds by jax
11/18/2009 Pearl by jax
11/18/2009 B-day Mosasaur Vert by jax
10/26/2009 Fossil Pearl by jax
10/25/2009 Rare Mosasaur by jax
10/10/2009 Rained for weeks! by jax
10/10/2009 Creek Crawling by jax
3/23/2009 Fossil Hunting on the Good Lands of Texas (literally).... by brachiomyback
7/29/2008 A few of my best finds from this past month by jax
5/22/2008 I love Rain! by jax
California Trip Reports
4/22/2012 Shark Tooth Hill Fossil Collecting Ernst Quarries near Bakersfield, CA by dw
4/15/2012 Sharks Will Have a Week for BRFC this August by da fossz
6/17/2011 La Brea Tar Pits by da fossz
7/2/2009 Geology Field Studies Trip by t$
5/8/2009 Meeting the Grim Reaper by Bigpolarbear52
5/11/2008 Finally got the pictures added from my September 27th dig by Bigpolarbear52
9/27/2007 New California Digging activity by Bigpolarbear52
10/21/2006 There's teeth in them there hills! by rivrdigr
10/21/2006 There's teeth in them there hills! by scubapaul
12/4/2005 STH Dig Dec 4th by scubapaul
New Jersey Trip Reports
4/30/2013 teeth from April 27th by fossildad
4/30/2013 First trip to Momouth County this year by fossildad
12/22/2010 cretaceous finds by fossilboy
11/29/2010 back in action by fossilboy
9/10/2010 Summertime success by fossilboy
6/28/2010 a great day in NJ by fossilboy
12/26/2009 Happy Squali-days by snaggatooth
10/24/2009 Good times, Great finds by fossilboy
8/20/2009 Ramanessen Finds 8-20-09 by fossildad
7/28/2009 artifacts and an Otodus by fossilboy
Pennsylvania Trip Reports
5/1/2009 Broken Dreams..... by brachiomyback
12/19/2008 10/18 Red Hill PA by m4
11/25/2008 Follow up to earlier report: 18 Mile Creek, NY by Fat Boy
11/24/2008 Lake Erie, Niagara Region, Report by Fat Boy
7/9/2008 Beltzville State Park Finds by fossildad
11/12/2005 Fern Fury! by m4
10/9/2004 A trip with the kids to St. Clair PA by xiphodan
Alabama Trip Reports
3/15/2011 Micro Collection by Govinn
3/15/2011 A promise finally made good... by Govinn
6/4/2010 Back to LA (lower Alabama). by rock freeq
7/24/2009 Into the Wilds of South Alabama by rock freeq
11/25/2006 Hunting the cretaceous of Alabama by rock_splitter
11/23/2006 Back to Alabama by rock_splitter
10/27/2006 A good mistake! by paleobum
12/28/2005 Texans make a stop in Alabama to do some hunting by rock_splitter
Virginia Trip Reports
11/2/2012 Oh Sandy Baby (pix) by ronjon12
11/2/2012 Oh Sandy Baby by ronjon12
10/19/2012 Virginia benedeni by mason
10/19/2012 Rarest of the rare, and all there! by mason
9/19/2012 It Happens by ronjon12
7/3/2012 Big Bones by ronjon12
6/22/2012 Several months at Surry by ronjon12
6/15/2012 " THE FORGOTTEN HUNTER" by outcome1
4/2/2012 The water's not cold anymore! by dusty
United Kingdom Trip Reports
1/20/2007 AHHH...The Jurrasic Coast of England by scubadoc
11/25/2006 Walton-on-the-Naze by scubadoc
11/5/2006 by scubadoc
11/1/2006 Nose to the ground. by paleobum
10/20/2006 Walton on the Naze, UK Fossil Hunting by scubadoc
Kentucky Trip Reports
7/31/2011 What to do in Kentucky? by Steve
3/15/2009 Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself...... by brachiomyback
Belgium Trip Reports
3/19/2009 It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings ..... by Synechodus
10/31/2008 Noting to do, so some of my Antwerp finds from this year by Martijn
8/12/2008 Squalis rule ! by Synechodus
5/21/2008 A good Echinocoys-day! by Martijn
4/25/2008 Two days of digging near Antwerp by Martijn
2/4/2008 Echinoids from the Upper Maastrichtian by Synechodus
11/20/2007 King Echinocorys by Synechodus
11/18/2007 Queen of Hearts by Synechodus
8/9/2007 Friend or Foe? by Synechodus
7/9/2007 "Father & Son"-day in the Belgian Cretaceous by Synechodus
Delaware Trip Reports
7/7/2009 C&D Thunder by Fat Boy
10/5/2008 C&Deja view by svillej
8/10/2008 C&D=B (belemnites) by svillej
Germany Trip Reports
10/16/2008 A Quarry near Hannover, September 27th 2008 by Martijn
4/26/2008 Western Germany, 19th of April 2008 by Martijn
France Trip Reports
6/22/2008 Du pain, du vin et des oursins..... (Bread, wine and sea urchins....) by Synechodus
5/21/2008 X-mas 2007 along the rugged Atlantic Coast of Northern France by Synechodus
Hawaii Trip Reports
12/6/2013 The wait was worth it! by hemipristis
2/25/2012 Sweet Crab fossils in matrix, Oahu North Shore by hemipristis
1/8/2012 New Year, nice finds, including Wrasse pharyngeal by hemipristis
3/26/2011 Pearl Harbor artifacts by hemipristis
2/19/2011 Honolulu fossils by hemipristis
7/10/2010 Recent finds, new locality by hemipristis
3/28/2010 Hawaii Fossil Hunting by dw
12/30/2009 The Exposure, part II (sorry, computer glitch) by hemipristis
12/30/2009 The Exposure by hemipristis
12/17/2009 Recent storms were productive by hemipristis
South Dakota Trip Reports
7/11/2012 Mammoth Hot Springs, SD by ninjaplease
12/10/2011 South Dakota Pierre Shale by ninjaplease
12/10/2011 Museum of Geology in Rapid City by ninjaplease
12/10/2011 Black Hills Institute Museum by ninjaplease
8/20/2011 South Dakota Dinosaur Digging by ninjaplease
7/14/2008 Cones by paleobum
7/13/2008 Little ducks! by paleobum
7/7/2008 Triceratops by paleobum
7/6/2008 It's a girl! by paleobum
7/4/2008 Rhino by paleobum
Illinois Trip Reports
8/20/2008 Old Stomping Ground by brachiomyback
Tennessee Trip Reports
5/1/2009 Threes a charm.... by brachiomyback
10/27/2008 will brake again for brachipods..... by brachiomyback
9/5/2008 will brake for brachipods..... by brachiomyback
Bahamas Trip Reports
1/13/2010 Fossils are everywhere! Even in the Bahamas! by t$
Arizona Trip Reports
6/8/2010 Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona by dw
Guam Trip Reports
3/10/2015 WWII Japanese Officer Swords found in GUam by hemipristis
5/6/2012 Return to Guam, Spring 2012 by hemipristis
7/11/2010 First trip to Guam by hemipristis
7/11/2010 Guam World War II Artifacts by hemipristis

Latest Fossils
Shark Teeth Fossils
10/19/2012 P. benedeni by mason
10/7/2012 Modern Tiger Shark Tooth by t$
10/7/2012 Cow Shark Tooth by t$
10/7/2012 Modern Tiger Shark Tooth by t$
10/7/2012 Large Cow Shark Tooth by t$
10/7/2012 Cow Shark Tooth by t$
9/18/2012 Megalodon Tooth from the Cooper River by dw
9/18/2012 Cooper River Megalodon Tooth by dw
7/17/2012 2-1/8" Fossil Great White by da fossz
6/8/2012 3 3/16" Great White Shark Tooth by xiphodan
Land Mammal Fossils
12/11/2011 Deer Rib? by ninjaplease
8/26/2011 Edisto Mastodon Tooth Fragment by dw
6/12/2011 Nice Squalodon Whale Tooth by dw
6/12/2011 Fossil Beaver Molar from the Edisto River in South Carolina by dw
6/5/2011 Gompothere Tooth Section by da fossz
4/4/2011 Horse Tooth by dw
8/3/2010 Fossil Llama Tooth by dw
7/7/2010 Venice Mammoth Tooth by t$
7/1/2010 6" Mammoth Molar by da fossz
7/1/2010 8" Mammoth tooth by da fossz
Marine Mammal Fossils
2/5/2012 4" Archaeocete Canine by da fossz
12/17/2011 Whale Squalmosals by ninjaplease
7/11/2011 2-3/8" Squaldon tooth by da fossz
7/11/2011 Associated Squalodon Molars by dw
5/25/2011 Mammoth Tusk by dw
2/15/2011 Kogiopsis Sperm Whale Tooth by dw
9/29/2010 Squalodon Tooth by dw
7/25/2010 Edisto River Files: 3in Archaeocete Whale Tooth. by megamouth
7/6/2010 Archaeocete Molar by dw
7/6/2010 1-1/2" Dugong Molar by da fossz
Misc Fossils
12/17/2011 Thoracosaur and Leidysuchus teeth by ninjaplease
12/11/2011 Predatory Dinosaur Teeth by ninjaplease
12/11/2011 Triceratops Teeth by ninjaplease
12/11/2011 Fossil Edmontosaurus Tooth by ninjaplease
12/10/2011 Xiphactinus Tooth by ninjaplease
8/28/2011 Fish skull cap? by t$
8/28/2011 Unidentified Fish Vertebrae by t$
8/1/2011 German ammonites by ninjaplease
9/16/2010 Paleocene Ratfish by brsr0131
5/15/2010 Pliocene Bird Vertebra, Aurora/Lee Creek by hemipristis
Ray Fossils
9/16/2010 Huge Paleocene Ray Plate by brsr0131
4/5/2009 Fossil Stingray Dermal Scute by t$
3/5/2009 4 " Ray Dermal Scute from Aurora by brsr0131
4/26/2008 Beautiful Ray Plate by brsr0131
8/9/2007 Ray Tooth by dw
7/15/2007 Ray mouth plate by dw
4/11/2007 Ray "Poison Sack" by BigRedMeg
4/11/2007 Ray "Poison Sack" by BigRedMeg
12/16/2006 Ray Plate by xiphodan
9/28/2005 Ray Crusher Plate by dw
Invertebrate Fossils
8/2/2011 Very large & 2 small Ordivician-Devonian Archeocyathid-like sponges by ninjaplease
1/13/2010 Fossil Fire Coral by t$
7/3/2009 Fossil Archeocyathid Extinct Sponge by t$
2/4/2008 Perfect Echinoid (Cassidulus cf. sabistonensis) by brsr0131
1/14/2008 Brachiopod known as Mucrospirifer mucronatus by geoatheart
1/14/2008 Trilobite known as Dipleura dekayi by geoatheart
12/13/2007 Lee Creek Sand Dollar by brsr0131
11/18/2007 Cardiaster rutoti (Lambert, 1911) by Synechodus
8/21/2007 Oxybeloceras sp. by hemipristis
8/12/2007 Echinocorys scutata forma sulcata by Synechodus
Plant Fossils
12/10/2011 Anthracite coal by ninjaplease
12/10/2011 Petrified Wood? by ninjaplease
1/17/2008 Lignite by FromtheArundel110
10/15/2007 Pungo Amber by Alopias Ali
4/13/2007 Petrified wood by jax
3/20/2005 Amber by dw
11/2/2003 Petrified Wood by dw





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